Stump Care™ for Prosthesis Comfort

New prosthetic limbs usually fit great, and with minimal discomfort. But over time, particularly when losing or gaining body weight and muscle mass, the fit can become less than optimal.

Hi. My name is Larry Plesent and I am a natural products formulator.

I wasn’t thinking about stump care until I starting talking with my friend and neighbor Harley Maxwell-Vadnais. He lost his leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident that almost took his life. Over time I saw that Harley having trouble with his prosthetic limb every couple of years as he gained or lost muscle mass.

These changes in muscle mass caused his prosthetic to fit less comfortably. The now ill-fitting limb created irritation which quickly led to infection. Infection and an incorrectly fitting prosthesis caused him daily pain as well as off-odors in the liners caused by lymph flow from the infection. Increased pain leads to a greater need for medication with a further loss in muscle mass resulting, which starts the whole cycle again. A total downward cycle. How to break it?

I quickly realized that Harley and many other people across the country and around the world required at minimum three products for proper stump care. The first is a special soap product which was developed and tested for another application many years ago. This is a unique wash off product that minimizes infection and promotes healing. Even if you only use this one product, Stump Wash is very likely to produce noticeable positive results in only a few days.

Second, we needed a healing salve to soothe the inflamed area, promote healing and calm inflammation. We are talking about the most sensitive skin on the human body here, and it will react to almost anything that you put on it. After some testing we discovered that de-latexed shea butter, the organic solid oil of a West African tree nut is the most effective soother towards this end. Shea butter is a natural organic oil that also contains irritating latex, so special sourcing was required to procure a non-latex certified organic material. Used in combination with Stump Wash, Soothing Stump Rub provides and safe and effective healing adjunct.

The third product is Harley’s favorite because it kills the sickly off odors emanating from his liners without using weird smelling masking chemicals. Prosthesis Liner Spray is formulated to keep liners fresh and to keep you comfortable in them. It is your friend when your liners are in need of freshening.

Does breaking the cycle of irritation >inflammation>infection> lead to a lowered need for pain medication? It will take a study to determine that. But for many people breaking the cycle is the first step toward deeper healing and greater self-esteem.


Stump Care Solutions

Soothing Stump Wash

Soothing Stump Wash
Soothing Stump Wash

Stump Care™ Soothing Stump Wash is unlike any other soap or detergent gel product. Specially formulated with tea tree oil and other essential oils to help prevent sores and to aid in faster healing, Soothing Stump Wash is your first line of defense in stump comfort.

Soothing Stump Rub

Soothing Stump Rub
Soothing Stump Rub

Stump Care™ Soothing Stump Rub is made with certified organic shea butter from the shea nut tree in West Africa. Renowned for its use in calming inflamed and damaged skin, Soothing Stump Rub helps to calm and soothe your stump while promoting healing. Use morning and night to help prevent infection and irritation. Certified organic and latex free for your safety.

Prosthesis Liner Spray

Prosthesis Liner Spray
Prosthesis Liner Spray

Stump Care™ Prosthesis Lining Spray is used daily to keep your prosthesis liners fresh; keeping YOU comfortable. Powerful ethanol and botanical oils helps to fight off-odors in your liners. Use Prosthesis Lining Spray every day. You will be glad you did. Safe and nontoxic with a light peppermint aroma.

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If Stump Care™ works as well for you as it did for Harley please pass this onto friends and acquaintances with prosthetic limbs so they can get quick affordable relief too.

All the Best,

Larry Plesent, Chief Formulator and CEO

Vermont Soap Company

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"I just have to say. Your stump rub products saved my life. As a new amputee, I was struggling with frequent blisters and skin breakdown from wearing my prosthesis for 10+ hours a day. I started using the stump rub, wash and line spray and my limb is perfect. When I take off my prosthesis at night, I usually have some skin irritation. I wash my limb with the stump wash and put the stump rub on for the night and by morning my limb looks perfectly healed and healthy. Being a naturopathic doctor myself, I had planned to mix up some salves and washes as I only use natural products on my body but when I found the stump care products, I knew I had the right stuff! Thank you so much. Skin care is a challenge in the amputee community and these products need to be get out there! These products work and are human healthy! Coming from a naturopath who uses it 🙂